With the rapid development of the economy, people’s living standards have been improved, the requirements for living space is no longer only satisfied with the two aspects of rest and life, and began to have a home space style, atmosphere, mood and other aspects of the spiritual pursuit. From ancient times to the present, the idea of “men are the main outside, women are the main inside” has predestined the importance of home to women, so that women are an important individual in the home space. Women, compared to men, pay more attention to the pursuit of taste, comfort, atmosphere and other spiritual aspects of the home environment, women’s unique aesthetic also makes home soft decoration more rich and colorful, while affecting the formation of different styles of home soft decoration.

The uniqueness of women’s aesthetic emotions

The act of perceiving, judging, analyzing and appreciating things of beauty is called aesthetics.

The process of aesthetics has two aspects, namely: the aesthetic subject and the aesthetic object. The aesthetic subject’s sense of beauty in the aesthetic process can regulate people’s behavior and promote human development to a higher and more beautiful degree. The beauty of the object acts on the sensory organs of the subject, a process of psychological experience that inspires the subject to produce and merge with the beauty of the object. The necessary conditions for aesthetic experience are perception, imagination, emotion, and comprehension of things. Due to the psychological and emotional needs of women, female aesthetics pay more attention to the beauty of the surface, to the harmony and unity of beauty, and have a strong infectious power.

1. Women’s sensitivity to aesthetics

Women pay more attention to the intuitive feeling of aesthetics.

Intuition is one of the characteristics of beauty, and women can use their sensitive intuition to their full advantage in the field of aesthetics. Women are more passionate and persistent in their pursuit of beauty, always trying to bring beauty to every angle possible, and with this advantage, women can comfortably decorate themselves and their surroundings, as well as their own living environment.

2. Women have non-logical imagination in their aesthetic psychology.

While men are better at logical thinking, women are more inclined to respond to intuition and to fantasize about the inner world. The aesthetic imagination of women in aesthetic activities is non-logical, and their imagination is more inclined to idealism and emotionality. Due to the non-logical nature of the aesthetic imagination, women always appear to use novel techniques when decorating the home space.

3. Women’s aesthetic psychology has a delicate emotional expression

  Because women have a weighty, careful character traits and keen observation and stable attention are closely linked to and influenced by women’s delicate aesthetic emotions. Therefore, women have the ability to find details in both aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic creation, and eventually obtain a unique and delicate aesthetic expression.

4. The unique female aesthetic psychology in the understanding.

Women are subject to social and cultural constraints, as well as their own physical and psychological influences, they show their uniqueness to society, ethnicity, history and self-contemplation, obviously with a feminine way of viewing things. The comprehensive activities of psychological factors make up the aesthetic perception of women’s aesthetic activities, expressing women’s different understanding and pursuit of life, and expressing the interest that only women can experience. At the same time, because women’s unique aesthetic perception also has an impact on home soft decoration design, they use their own sensitivity, imagination and emotion to their living space, is a richer and more rhythmic arrangement of space.

Women’s aesthetic psychological demand for modern home space

A set of home space has a combination of different functional space, women as a member of the family, each functional space for home space has different needs.

For example, the living room is not only a space to meet the needs of family life and hospitality, but also an important place to show the taste of the hostess and her family. Women require the living room to meet the functional needs, through the materials used, texture, lighting, with color, furniture style unity to make the appearance of the image to achieve the desired aesthetic. The dining room is an indispensable and highly utilized space in modern homes.

The influence of female aesthetic psychology on modern home soft decoration design

1.The influence of female aesthetic psychology on the material of home soft decoration.

In the home soft decoration design of decorative materials, divided into two aspects of the material of furniture and fabric materials. Home decorative design materials are reflected in the texture, texture and characteristics of the material. Materials such as hard and soft, light and heavy, warm and cold, dry, coarse and fine characteristics, will affect the psychology of women, in the home decoration will produce different effects and beauty.

In terms of furniture materials, the first thing is to unify the overall decoration style, different materials of furniture with different style features. For example: Southeast Asian style furniture is mostly made of wood combined with fine metal decoration; Chinese style home furniture is mostly made of wood; and Japanese style furniture is mostly biased towards the choice of bamboo, wood and rattan.

From a woman’s point of view, when making furniture material selection more inclined to natural and environmentally friendly materials. First, to be healthy, natural, ecological, environmental protection, followed by the different color and texture of trees generated after years of weathering, after processing made of furniture and flooring, can bring a sense of intimacy and warmth through the intuitive wood color and texture, to better create the atmosphere of home.

2. The influence of female aesthetic psychology on the color of home soft decoration.

The color of light, fabric and furniture colors belong to several important aspects of the color of the home. Women’s choice of furniture color is more inclined to wood and white. Wooden furniture is natural and rustic, with a sense of warmth and comfort; white gives a fresh, stylish, elegant feeling. Because of the greater proportion of fabric in the home space, so to a certain extent master the choice of home color, women’s choice of fabric color is mainly based on personal preferences and the size of the space and decided.

3. female aesthetic psychology on the impact of home soft decoration modeling

The shape of the home space is mainly reflected in the shape of the fabric, the shape of the furniture, the shape of the lamps and lanterns, and a variety of different shapes bring people’s psychological feelings are also different.

Furniture is mainly point, line, surface as the basic elements of composition, the use of design techniques to combine the basic elements into complex shapes, this furniture modeling has been favored by female customers. European furniture is mostly curved shape, partially painted with curly grass pattern, while furniture and silk, velvet upholstery combination, elegant and exquisite style is the hot spot sought after by many women, so European furniture is also an important aspect of women’s choice. Such furniture not only meets the practicality, while meeting the pursuit of romantic psychology of women.

4.The influence of female aesthetic psychology on home decorations

Display artwork in the modern home space has an indispensable role, it has the role of beautifying and decorating the space, but also reflects the user’s taste in life and interests, hobbies.

And women pay more attention to the choice of decorative artwork, female impulse consumption psychology also makes the decorations in the home space more diversified. Rich in life and beauty of decorative art is the first choice of women, such as souvenirs of travel, with folk style or beautiful and elegant art and greenery, are the focus of women choose decorative art.

Women will be their beloved things in the home environment, not only to get the visual enjoyment, but also to get the comfort of the soul.


Women make home soft decoration design more hierarchical and home flavor, make the concept of home more intuitive, specific and clear, play a vital role in home soft decoration design, pay attention to the status of women in home soft decoration design, so that home soft decoration has a fast and good development.