Anticipate Lasting Quality with Komatsu Genuine OEM rollers
Contingent upon the application, you can browse a wide scope of dozer and earthmover track rollers:

Standard, single spine and twofold rib: for standard rollers
Besides, Single Flange and Double Flange: with expanded track profundity and spine tallness. Planned and fabricated with inside oil.
Chilly climate Spec: this track roller has an china Carrier Roller Manufacturers alternate seal to endure cold temperatures and keep up with flexibility.

Erosion and shock loads communicated from the track chain make heat inside the roller. To endure this, few quality advances are taken in the assembling of Komatsu Genuine OEM rollers.

Komatsu rollers are developed of long wearing, heat safe stellite material upheld by elastic burden rings that keep oil in and soil out
Profoundly cleaned shafts and bronze bushings are utilized in Komatsu OEM rollers to diminish grinding and expand roller life
Rollers have heat treated track and spine regions for expanded strength and longer wear life
Uncompromising mounting sections secure rollers to follow outlines permitting the transmission of shock loads all through the track outline, consequently lessening possible harm
Supply pits in roller shells and shafts feed ointment all through the roller’s inside to decrease harm causing heat
Surface hardness of the roller’s external shell decreases the wear brought about by contact. Hardness diminishes toward the internal bore to stay away from weakness and give assimilation of shock loads
More noteworthy rib stature on Komatsu OEM rollers gives greatest track arrangement and machine security under any working conditions

Roller is separated into transporter roller, sway roller, return roller, RDRT roller, guide roller, elastic slacked roller, etc.
According to the material utilized, there’re steel roller and plastic roller. Ordinarily plastic roller is separated into HDPE roller, UMHWPE roller and nylon roller.

Transport roller has numerous assortments in transport framework.

1.Mining and Minerals Industry
2.Cement Industry
3.Chemical Industry
4.Coal Industry
5.Paper and Pulp Industry
6.Iron and Steel Industry
7.Textile Industry
8.Food Processing Industry
9.Leather and Plastic Industry

Item Description

Wide Application

Our transport idler can broadly applied for mining, coal, metallurgy, electric power, wharf and ocean port, grain, compound and practically any industy which have passing on framework.

Distinctive sort of transport idlers:

  1. Level/Carrier/Carrying Rollers: Used to deal with bulk&unit material.
  2. Sway Rollers: Installed at the stacking point to assimilate the shocks and to help ensure against belt harm.
  3. Bring Rollers back: Used to maintain and uphold the belt during its return segment and plays out a cleaning activity
    —Return rollers with Spaced Rings (Rubber Disk Rollers)
    —Return Rollers with Helical Rubber Rings (Spiral Rollers)
  4. Self-adjusting/Training Rollers: Used to change the belt deviation, forestalling hunting and guaranteeing stable activity of transport line.
    —Tightened self-adjusting rollers
    —Grinding self-adjusting rollers
    belt transport box idler mining belt transporter roller

Item Application
Our items are generally utilized in nuclear energy age, harbors, concrete plants, metallurgy and just as the light obligation
passing on gadgets for businesses.

NS Model addes a fixed cover in its plan. The distance between the fixed cover and bearing furnishes the holding on for a residue
evidence to guarantee a more extended working lift. This plan is appropriate for a typical workplace.