OD crude oil pipe manufactured by Jindal Tubular USA at its Port Bienville-based steel mill for the Gray Oak Pipeline. The outfit owns and operates all its barges, excavators and other equipment, with a total of six Vacuworx RC Series lifters in three different models to handle a dynamic range of pipe handling jobs. The first of Vacuworx’s RC Series lifters, an RC 10, rolled off the line in 2000, and the Tulsa-based manufacturer has been building on the success of its flagship model ever since. RC Series lifters feature wireless remote operation, lifting capacities up to 55,000 lbs and 360 degrees of rotate maneuverability.

We know the details that really matter, and we are familiar with the specific challenges of a wide range of industries. can be loaded into sheet metal processing machines in a single shift with VacuMaster. Please specify what you want to lift with measures and weight, size of working area, and lifting height to get as accurate a quote as possible. The Health and Safety Executive state that manual handling training is essential but will not eliminate potential risks alone. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website.

Those turning away from obsolete handling methods and toward vacuum lifting are reporting higher levels of output and agility, contributing to an increase in both pipe-handling effectiveness and logistics services quality. The hunt ended when they came upon a video of vacuum lifting in action and Coastal Marine was hooked. In short order, the company purchased a new RC 16 lifter and CAT 365 excavator, cutting its teeth on that first job by handling approximately 7,000 pipe joints for a total of 35,000 metric tons. Vacuum Lifting Attachmentcoupled with your Mini or Compact Excavator will take your material lifting and handling operations to the next level. Enjoy increased effectiveness, efficiency, and jobsite safety thanks to this incredible Vacuum Lifting technology.

In other words, the loads for handling are raised by a suction cup thanks to atmospheric pressure capable of lifting 10 tonnes per 1 m2. This is a powerful technique that is often used to grip heavy loads in extreme conditions and on hostile or restricted terrain. as well as heavy duty plate and slab lifters used in steel & aluminium production. We can provide plate vacuum lifting equipment up to 25 Tonnes capacity and above.

Vacuum tube lifters provide lifting like a hoist and gripping in one safe simple system, without the need for a hoist or clamping grippers. If a power failure occurs, the payload is lowered in a safe controlled manner via a built in non-return safety valve. In addition our vacuum lifters firmly hold the load in place via the large area suction pad. Vacuum lifters come in different sizes, able to lift different weights.

Browse our range of equipment below, or call us to discover how we can help you find the right lifting solution. Make glass lifting effortless and remove the strain of manual handling with our leading range of glass vacuum lifters. Building on our heritage as GGR Glass, we now offer over 40 different types of vacuum lifters and an unbeatable glass lifting equipment rental service.

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The units’ 360 degrees rotation on the ‘Gold Wing’ vacuum lifter and the hinged arm on the ‘Two Joint Swing Arm’ vacuum lifter give a full range of movements. An electrically driven vacuum pump provides both lifting and suction functions. For more information regarding the Vaculex VL, visit the Vaculex website or alternatively view our large range of Vaculex vacuum lifting devices.

There are a few really good reasons why you should be considering investing in vacuum lifting equipment in your business. From addressing the labor shortage and retaining employees to creating a better standard and quality of work on your job sites, these tools are going to help you expand your business. We supply superb quality I-beam jib cranes which allow for easy rotation and optimal standard deflection of objects. I-beam jib cranes are available in manual or motorized rotation are available from Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor, which is a Gorbel distributor/dealer with over 50 years experience in material handling solutions. Free standing I-beam jib cranes also have foundationless options to save you money. Free standing bridge cranes are floor supported systems that do not put stress on the building’s overhead structure.

The vacuum tube lifter is combined with a vacuum generator, suction supply hose, lift tube, control unit and suction head, but that is just the start. A comprehensive catalogue of standard components is supported by an extensive history of customised solutions. Vaculex have distributors across the planet sharing ideas and applications so fair chance it has been done before.

The Easyhand has a standard built-in 360 degree swivel, a 90 degree tilt function and a “quick release” feature to allow it to be as operator friendly as possible. In addition, we can custom make the device for your specific requirements. Cherry Picker are the proud Irish partner for Manut LM vacuum lifting equipment. Alongside Manut LM, we customize and design vacuum lifting equipment to suit your specific requirements.

In this section, you can buy non-invasive vacuum therapy machine for buttocks enhancement that can shape and plump-up the buttocks area to give your clients that curvy derrieres they strive for. American Society of Plastic Surgery has stated that a butt lift operation” one of the most dangerous procedures with upsettingly high mortality rate. Plastic Surgery community has been actively advocating against the procedure, calling the likely chance of severe complications after the cosmetic procedure “unacceptably high”. This is why the completely safe and relaxing vacuum therapy butt enhancement equipment that you’ll find in this category will give your clients the famous Lopez bum without causing any at all injuries or health problems. To compliment the Vaculex BaggageLift, Vaculex also have the Vaculex TP vacuum baggage lifter, which works with the same technology, but lifts boxes and packages.

For over two decades, Vacuworx has committed itself to building an industry revolving around the use of vacuum lifting technology with a partiality toward handlers of oil and gas pipe. Handling, lifting and transporting stone slabs and ceramic tiles in the production, processing and projects. Used for lifting and fabricating doors and windows in the production, and for handling and transporting in the plant.

The vacuum lifter can therefore be prepared for a great many different tasks in the shortest possible time. Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster from Schmalz are used to handle metal sheets, wood or plastic sheets, barrels and windows and glass sheets. Heavy loads of up to 750 kg may be handled comfortably and safely using the lifting devices. 10 ton Aerolift vacuum lifter with 4 suction cups each 2.500 kg, in good condition.

For Sheet lifting, Bag lifting, Glass lifting.Customised Solution as per the customer requirement. Safety interlocks – in the event of a power failure the load is gently lowered to the ground before the suction head will release. A wide range of suction heads is available to suit a wide range of applications. Safety is of paramount importance and in the event of a power failure the load is gently lowered to the ground before the suction head will release. ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects.